Audiocast Operator Assisted


Audiocast Operator Assisted offers a complete range of easy-to-use audio conferencing features that help ensure that your conferences are as efficient, productive, and successful as possible.

Features available before the call

Feature Benefit
Global access Simplify access to your meetings by providing local, in-country telephone numbers for participants from over 70 countries.
Meeting entry Tailor your participants' entry into your meeting to your needs using either pre-registration or instant access.
Pre-registration Track conference registration and attendance, with the option to collect additional information about individuals* who register for your conference, helping you to plan your message and the number of lines required.
Restricted list Enhance the privacy of your meeting by admitting only those participants identified on a list you provide.

Features available during the call

Feature Benefit
Audio Streaming Broadcast your live or pre-recorded meeting to a wider audience by streaming (webcasting) your event over the internet.
Communication line Communicate with your Event Manager over a separate and discrete line during your meeting to coordinate the flow of your meeting.
Digital Recording Have your meeting recorded digitally and made available for future reference.
Lecture Mute all lines, apart from the speaker's, to reduce background noise.
Mute Participants can mute their own phone line to eliminate background noise.
Question & answer Manage question and answer sessions using your Event Manager to moderate the order and pace of questions.
Roll call Have the names of all the participants announced within the meeting.
Sub-conferences Conduct a private, secure meeting apart from your main meeting where small groups can have detailed discussions. This feature is ideal for speakers to convene prior to a meeting or for break-out sessions.
Vantage Point View all aspects of your Audiocast Operator Assisted conference with a real-time, web-based application. With Vantage Point you can view a list of the participants in your meeting, prioritise the question & answer queue and chat directly with your Event Manager.
Voting / polling Solicit feedback during your meeting by having participants use their telephone key pad to give instant feedback based on multiple-choice questions.
Web collaboration Add a visual element to your meetings by using web conferencing to complement your Audiocast Operator Assisted service - share documents and presentations.

Features available after the call

Feature Benefit
Pre-Registration attendance list You can view or download a pre-registration attendance list for your meeting. (Available with the 'pre-registration' meeting entry option.)
Replay Have your recorded conferences made available for replay over the telephone.
Transcription Obtain a text version of your meeting.

Certain features carry an additional charge. Not all features are available with all meeting entry options. Please contact the help desk for more details.

* Subject to the Data Protection Act.

Global Access Numbers


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Help desk


For help during your call key *0

  • UK Freefone
    0800 0850 679
  • UK Direct Dial
    +44 207 402 0303
  • US Toll free
    1 866 766 8777
  • US Direct dial
    +1 617 801 6700
  • Australia
    1 800 234 799 or +61 2 8066 2533
  • Hong Kong
    +852 3011 4702
  • India
    000800 4401782
  • Japan
    0120 363 877
  • Korea
    +82 (0)2 3483 1171
  • Malaysia
    +60 (0)3 7712 4597
  • Singapore
    +65 6622 1558
  • Taiwan
    +886 2 2162 6528