Audiocast Operator Assisted

Conference entry options

There are various ways for you and your participants to access your Audiocast Operator Assisted. For each call that you book, you may choose the option that best fits your needs - whether you require fast and easy entry or data collection for each participant.

Entry method


Use when


Instant Entry Users enter a one-time-use passcode for immediate entry into the call You want the quickest and easiest entry into your call - No hold time
- Meetings start on time
- Better attendance
- Simple and easy
Instant Entry with Pre-registration (recommended)
Learn why this is recommended >>
In addition to Instant Entry, participants register online and are given a unique PIN, allowing you to collect information before the call You want the quickest and easiest entry into your call, and you need to gather information about your audience before and after the meeting Includes the benefits of Instant Entry, plus:
- Collect data from participants
- Know your audience ahead of time
Meet & Greet Participants dial-in and are entered into a queue to be answered by an operator; they are asked for their passcode and any required information before joining the call You want your attendees to be greeted by an operator as they join the call - Attendees greeted by an operator
- Attendee information can be collected upon conference entry


Organize and manage your Audiocast Operator Assisted

Pre-registration is an optional feature that automates and organizes the Audiocast Operator Assisted experience for both the conference organizer and participants. The automated registration process provides the organizer with valuable participant information prior to the call, ensuring that the organizer's message is reaching the intended target audience. Pre-registration allows participants direct and timely access on the day of the Audiocast Operator Assisted, eliminating the need for operator assistance.

Benefits of Pre-registration

Organizers are automatically equipped with the necessary tools required to set up an effective call. After completing the simple booking process, conference organizers are provided with:

  • Speaker and participant email invitations pre-populated with registration details. Organizers have the option to include a personal greeting or message.
  • Dedicated web site where participants are guided through the simple registration process.

Organizers receive the participants' Pre-registration information before the Audiocast Operator Assisted, giving the organizer chairperson a preview of the audience.

  • Pre-registration helps conference organizers ensure that required participants are in attendance and the target audience is being reached. This gives the organizers a chance to send a conference reminder to those who have not yet pre-registered.
  • Conference organizers can request up to 10 additional pieces of information from participants in addition to the required first and last name. Popular requests include company, employee ID, cost center, email address, telephone number and location. This valuable information expedites follow-up conversations with participants.
  • Conference organizers can share valuable participant information with the conference speaker before the call, ensuring their target audience is being reached.

Organizers can predict demand for lines before the conference takes place.

  • Organizers can confirm the conference reservation is properly sized by the number of registered participants. This feature eliminates locked out participants or paying for unutilized telephone lines.

Participants enjoy a simple registration process.

  • Participants register for conferences via a dedicated web site and automatically receive a confirmation that includes dial-in and passcodes.
  • For participants using Microsoft® Outlook, appointments can be automatically added to participants' calendars using an iCal. iCal, an internet message request, is pre-populated with complete dial-in instructions, eliminating participant transcription errors.

Start Audiocast Operator Assisted on time.

  • Pre-registration automates the entry of participants into conferences. Participants simply enter their passcode and unique PIN number - no need to wait in a queue to speak with an operator to gain access to the call. With automated entry, participants are rapidly placed into the conference, allowing the conference to start on time and save you money.

Get immediate post-conference attendance report.

  • The organizer can immediately identify who has and hasn't attended the conference. The report can be printed or exported as a text file, thereby making reporting manageable for large conferences. Utilize these reports for follow-up communications targeted to attendees and non-attendees.

Global Access Numbers


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Help desk


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  • UK Freefone
    0800 0850 679
  • UK Direct Dial
    +44 207 402 0303
  • US Toll free
    1 866 766 8777
  • US Direct dial
    +1 617 801 6700
  • Australia
    1 800 234 799 or +61 2 8066 2533
  • Hong Kong
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  • India
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  • Japan
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  • Malaysia
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  • Singapore
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